Welcome to Light of Mercy!

Brothers and Sisters, we at Light of Mercy welcome you!

If you are a seeker on a spiritual journey, or a beginner on the path, we hope Allah (Glorified is He) guides you and makes your wayfaring a blessing. Light of Mercy is an organization for all, Muslims and curious non-Muslims, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

All of us at Light of Mercy are on a spiritual path. Our hope Insha’Allah is to connect people from all walks of life in this circle of sharing, learning sacred knowledge, and drawing closer to Allah (Glorified is He) by following the sacred footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him).

You may have specific questions about Islam, or may want to join us for some healthy socializing. Feel free to talk about the things that concern you and your relationship with Allah. At Light of Mercy you can address your concerns and feel comfortable that the brothers and sisters here are born and raised in Western culture and are empathetic to the issues that you may be experiencing.

At Light of Mercy, we are concerned for the present and the future of yours and our spiritual travelling to Allah (Glorified is He). We understand that the journey takes time and is gradual. We ask Almighty Allah to facilitate and nurture our spiritual growth, and success is from Allah alone.



Many of us have heard beautiful inspiring stories of our new Muslim brothers and sisters, of how they came to see the light of Islam and embraced it wholeheartedly. Although this picture brings about a very cozy and warm feeling in us all, the story that we haven’t really heard, unless we personally know a convert, is often mind-boggling and very sad. To where does the Muslim community disappear after the brother or sister has taken their shahadah? After the countless takbeers and hugs? Who takes care of them, teaching them step by step, this beautiful deen?

Please click here to check out a video of a panel of converts/reverts and listen to the struggles they each had to face during and after their conversion.